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Major Automotive Services
Preventative Maintenance Servicing
Major Automotive Services uses only premium quality products when servicing your vehicles. All new parts carry a 12 Month/ 20,000km Warranty.
Our fully qualified motor mechanics utilise comprehensive checklists for each preventative maintenance service. This is our way of ensuring that your vehicles are consistently monitored, minimising the possibility of mechanical breakdown. Detected faults are immediately brought to the attention of your Fleet Manager who may authorise repairs to be performed immediately if critical or at a later date if non- critical.
At Major Automotive Services we keep comprehensive data and store all information automatically every time we provide a service to any of your vehicles. The information is stored in a central database so that we can track and report on operating costs.

Major Automotive Services delivers you real value through a combination of superior products, reduced downtime and fleet management services to save you time and money.
Our team takes a dynamic and pro-active approach to ensure all vehicles are back on the road with top priority this keeps you focused on meeting your deadlines and maintaining excellent customer service fleet solutions
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Our Guarantee
We keep a reduced down time so you are off the road for the least possible time. We promise to have your vehicle ready on time. as agreed and let you know immediately of any complications or delays. Work performed on your vehicles will be of premium quality and workmanship as it shall always be carried out by qualified motor mechanics who are assisted by the latest in engine diagnostic equipment at our fully equipped service facility. All specialized work is performed via an established network of accredited specialists who meet our stringent service requirements. You will receive every possible security when vehicles are in our possession or in the possession of out-sourced specialists. We will take special care of your vehicles, always applying protective seat covers, floor mats and guard covers to minimize risk of soiling or damage. Detailed and itemized billing clearly explaining all work performed and parts used. Parts, oil and lubricants will satisfy the manufacturers standards and will not have been used before (second hand parts shall only be used upon clients request). Competitive pricing on comparable products and services.